COVID-19 Update

We are very concerned about COVID-19 and your safety. As a result, our excellent curriculum and classroom is now being presented online live via Zoom. This is exactly what schools are doing for students that can’t attend class in person due to the coronavirus. All the same material is presented live, you can ask questions and interact with other students!  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check your email on the day of the class. We will send out a link to the Classroom session. Payment is required before class begins.
This classroom session is the training necessary for you to either renew your existing CCW license or start the training to apply for a new license. 

The Firearms Academy will continue to provide range qualifications. This is required for both renewals and initial CCW students.  The range qualification is set up with limiting the number of students on the range so there is a constant CDC recommended minimum of 6 feet of social distancing. Also the range qualifications do not require us to handle your equipment or provide direct close personal instruction.   Very safe!

However, we are currently suspending the range training for initial or beginning CCW applicants. This was done for two reasons. First of all, the Shasta County Sheriff‘s Office  has currently suspended the processing of initial CCW licenses. This was done because there is a face-to-face interview and fingerprinting process that is required for the application process. Additionally, we believe there is no way to truly provide a quality, interactive shooting range training session while maintaining your safety and complying with the CDC recommendations of 6 foot social distancing and not handling your firearms, magazines, etc. It would be impossible to safely give you a quality instructional experience. 

If you are interested in taking the initial class to get your CCW license, we would encourage you to register for the class, take the live online classroom training, and if you are proficient with your firearm you may qualify with your handguns.  You will then be prepared to complete the class with our excellent range training once the social distancing requirements are lifted and we can resume our quality range training. 

We believe that more than ever individuals need to keep their CCW licenses current or start the process to get one so you can protect yourself. This is an opportunity to take the training necessary to obtain a new CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) license or renew a current CCW license from your local sheriff’s department. You will learn about self-defense techniques and how to defend your life with a handgun. In depth information is provided about the lawful use of deadly force from a legal expert!  

This class is taught by master instructor Joel Northrup. Joel has been teaching firearms and self defense classes in the north state for over 30 years. Joel has 24 years of real world law enforcement experience and training to teach you how to realistically defend your life. He  has a Master’s degree and brings his professional teaching experience to the classroom and range. Joel is also an expert in the legal use of deadly force. Don’t bet your life, potential imprisonment and everything you own by training with an “internet lawyer.” This class is for those students who want the very best training available and know the difference!  Join us for the real deal!


Classroom (both initial and renewal CCW)
August 4th (Tuesday) 6pm – 10pm
September 8th (Tuesday) 6pm – 10pm
October 6th (Tuesday 6  6-10pm

Initial Range Training (new CCW applicants)
August 8th (Saturday) 8am – 12pm
August 29th (Saturday) 8am – 4pm
September 19th (Saturday) 8am – 12pm
September 26th (Saturday) 8am – 4pm
October, 24th (Saturday) 8am – 4pm

Renewal Range Qualification (contact us for a specific time)
August 8th (Saturday) 1pm – 4pm
September 19th (Saturday) 1pm – 4pm

*** Each classroom date is a separate starting class date for BOTH the renewal CCW class and the initial CCW class. Initial class students will have an additional shooting range date indicated below the classroom date.

If the listed shooting range date does not work with your schedule, please contact the academy as other shooting range dates may be available.  We are flexible and will try to accommodate your schedule!

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