Redding California CCW Classes

Redding CA CCW ClassesIf you are looking for Redding CA CCW, also called Concealed Carry Classes, is the place you are looking for. The Firearms Academy of Redding has been providing quality self-defense defense and concealed carry (CCW) instruction to Redding CA and Shasta County for over 28 years. Not only do we offer Advanced Handgun Training, but we offer regular Concealed Carry (CCW) classes. We are located in Redding, CA, but we work with residents of Shasta County. Joel has 30 years of experience. If you want the most experienced instructor and the best firearms instruction taught in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, then you have found it!

The owner and main instructor, Joel Northrup, thanks you for your interest in the Academy and welcomes you to the website.

About Redding

Redding is one of the most beautiful places in America. Redding is one of the most serene places in California.  There are mountains surrounding us on 3 sides, 2 amazing lakes, and the beautiful Sacramento River running right through the middle of town. With the addition of the Sundial Bridge to miles and miles of trails, it’s a site to behold.

But wait, there’s more…

But behind all of the beauty, there is a darker side. There has been a rise in homelessness. To continue, law enforcement doesn’t have enough bodies and there’s a shortage of jail beds. Redding is not as safe as it used to be. That is why there has been a dramatic increase in CCW classes. A day doesn’t go by without some interactions between the locals and the homeless population. Facebook pages like Redding Crime 2.0 and Take Back Redding have sprung up. They are some of the most popular pages on the social media giant locally.

Our Facebook Page has over 1800 LIKES and garners some of the best CCW and protection dialogue in the area. Come join our community to learn more about Redding CCW classes, protecting your home and family and getting to know us.   Register now to get signed up for our next Redding CCW class.  It’s a beautiful place to live, but you still want to protect yourself.

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Classroom (both initial and renewal CCW)
March 5th (Tuesday) 6pm – 10pm
April 2nd (Tuesday) 6pm – 10pm

Initial Range Training (new CCW applicants)
March 16th (Saturday) 8am – 12pm
April 27th (Saturday) 8am – 12pm

Renewal Range Qualification (contact us for a specific time)
March 16th (Saturday) 1pm – 4pm
April 27th (Saturday) 1pm – 4pm

*** Each classroom date is a separate starting class date for BOTH the renewal CCW class and the initial CCW class. Initial class students will have an additional shooting range date indicated below the classroom date.

If the listed shooting range date does not work with your schedule, please contact the academy as other shooting range dates may be available.  We are flexible and will try to accommodate your schedule!

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